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CEO Greeting

CEO Greeting

We are supporting your better and happier daily life!


We support your better & happier daily life.
Thank you for your continued support and interest on this company.
Since our establishment in 1999, JaeKwang have been continuously researching and developing,
as well as films used for food packaging and household goods, from
industrial films to electronic device protection films that we have
produced in quality and have supplied stably.

The plastic packaging industry has a profound impact
on the daily lives of all modern people and all industries.
This field is in the position of a very important and essential
primary industry.

Accordingly, the film industry tends to be more advanced
and hygienic to be emphasized in accordance with the times.
Therefore, we will take the lead in product development and
product production at the customer's eye level.

All customers using JaeKwang's products must have a happy life.

Customer’s happiness is JaeKwang's happiness!!!

Mr. Hong-Soo, Kang / CEO