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Production Process

Production Process

We are working for your

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1st Status : Rotor Gravure Printing

With most updated Rotor Gravure printing lines, Register Mark Controller
(Colour Controller) and Printing Web inspecting system,
we begin job for your remarkable and competitive products in your market.

No.1 Gravure Printing line 9 Stations
No.2 Gravure Printing line 8 Stations

No.3 Gravure Printing line 6 Stations

- Printing Web Inspecting System

: Operator takes actions with Visual monitoring the printed web at the high speed printing line,
which increases the printing productivity.

Printing Web inspecting

Colour controller &
Printing Web inspecting Monitor

Printing Web inspecting
Large size Monitor

- Register mark inspecting system

: Operator takes actions in each station with Checking the each station register mark visually,
Which increases the degree of products precision.

Register mark inspecting Camera
Register mark scanner

Register mark inspecting monitor

Register mark inspecting
Large size monitor

2nd Status : Dry Lamination Lines

We are equipped well for technical conditions and properties
of your final production needs.

No.1 Dry Lamination line

No.2 Dry Lamination line

3rd Status : Aging(Hot setting) process

After Laminating, the laminated web should spend 72 hours
at constant temperature 45℃.

4th Status : Slitting

After aging, The Web should be slit accurately for next process.

No.1 Slitter No.1 Slitter
No.2 Slitter No.2 Slitter
No.3 Slitter No.3 Slitter

5th Status : Pouch sealing

We are sealing for your required productions

3 side sealing stand pouch making lines / Brand : Totani