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PET Film

PET Film

We are supplying these high quality films,
Which is used in our production system also!

1.PET Film


PET film has excellent strength, heat resistance, and dimensional stability, and it is used for electric and electronic materials and various other industrial materials including packaging and optic materials.

General Packaging (Snack, Retort, Food) : PP TYPE

With its excellent ink printability, mechanical properties, and heat resistance,

It is used in snack, retort, and food packaging.

Chemical coated(Bi-axial adhesion) : CA Type

With chemical coating treatment, this product is twice as good as general corona in terms of adhesive strength.

Stamping foil, metalizing : PM Type

With excellent mechanical properties,
thermal stability, and gloss properties.
Used for general industrial applications that
require heat resistance.

Industrial (Release film for process) : PI Type

With adhesion/separation coating treatment, and it is removed after being used for carrying and protecting the basic materials during processing.

Window (Car & Building) : CH & CW, PT Type

It is applied to cars or building windows
for ensuring heat insulation and safety.

Optical (mainly used for monitors)
: UC Type – Primer Coated

Prism Sheet , Complex Sheet, Micro Lens

: UD Type – Primer Coated

Diffuser Sheet

: UG Type – Primer Coated

LCD, Mobile Display Protection

Advertising(In/Outdoor Ads.) : RG/RB Type

With outstanding printability, transparency and heat resistance, used for indoor/outdoor ads, banner ads, and back lit ads.

Protection/Release : RX/RF Type

Widely used as carrier and protection purpose in various industrial processes
for electrical/electronics devices.

Excellent heat resistance and wide range of haze-type film categories.

Window : RW/RH/CH Type

With high-tranparency, gloss and thermal stablity,
It is used as Window films that require for solar heat control and
shatter-proof function on buildings and automobiles.

Insulation : RI Type

With outstanding heat and flame resistance properties,
It is used in insulation film on motor,transformer and
photovolaic module back sheets etc.