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Nylon Film

Nylon Film

We are supplying these high quality films,
Which is used in our production system also!

2.Nylon Film


Nylon film has low oxygen permeability, excellent cold resistance, and excellent
pinhole properties, it is used for packaging refrigerated, frozen, retort food,
and refill containers.

Packaging : GT Type

With Good flatness for high speed & Various colored printing

Flexible Packaging for Refill pouch, Food Packaging

: BG Type

With Excellent Properties Balance against Curl.
Flexible Packaging for Frozen Food, Sea Food

Retort : RT Type

With Excellent MD/TD physical properties, heat resistance.
Strong against elongation, flexing during heat & sterilization process.

Chemical Coated : AT Type

With chemical coating, it has great adhesive strength compared to Corona treatment.

Forming : BC/DT Type

With Excellent formability and good impact strength. Strong against heaving & bursting of the film.

Pharmaceutical use

Balloon : GT Type

With high gas barrier and thickness variation

For multi-colour printing, T-die cutting process.